Tuesday, December 3, 2019

10 Questions a Job Seeker Will Ask You - Spark Hire

10 Questions a Job Seeker Will Ask You - Spark HireEven though you, as the employer or HR professional, are the one that sets the tone for a job interview it can still be a bit difficult. You want to place your company in good light so that the top candidates and top talent want to work for you. Without doing so, savvy and smart candidates will pass your job offers up without any thought. As the interviewer, you definitely have a series of questions that require great answers from your candidate. On the flip side though, if this is a talented candidate with high qualifications, then they will certainly have a series of questions for you as well. With the job market picking up a bit, job seekers have the comfort of being a tad bit more choosey when it comes to companies and job offers. Therefore, you should be fully prepared to answer any questions job seekers throw your way with confidence.Take a look at some of these great questions that top candidates will likely ask, and be ready with great answers of your own when they come up in an interview.What are things your organization has done recently to show it values its employees?Employees want to know how their work and their effort is going to be valued- especially these days. With increased emphasis on employee appreciation and incentives in the job market, you cant really blame them. A savvy candidate will know that they have the skills needed to get your job done and to excel in your position, so how are you going to show them that you value their skills and work if they do come on to work for you? Make sure you know how to answer this question if it pops up because it is important. Failure to give any answer at all will likely result in an uninterested candidate.What do you enjoy most about your work with this company?If you truly enjoy and love the company you work for, then you will be able to easily convey that to a job seeker. When you are interviewing a talented, qualified candidate they know they can get the job done and benefit your company. They want to know why it would be great for them to work for you and your company- tell themHow would you describe a typical week or day in this position?Obviously they want to know what they are going to be expected to do. You may bedrngnis be able to paint a solid picture of what every day or week is going to be like- thats unrealistic. However, you should be able to let them know certain things that will be ongoing or that will occur each week/day. Simply saying, Well, every day here isnt typical and theres no set schedule, yada, yada, yada just wont fly.Is there possibility of advancement in this role?Typical question. If this candidate has intentions of moving up in the ranks within your company and advancing their career, then they are going to want a straight-up answer. If youre not sure, be honest and let them know that. Luring a candidate in under false pretenses is wrong and they will likely leave when they realize the truth.What is the companys, or your, overall managing style?Usually when a candidate asks this, they know what they want and dont want. Typically they will want to know if your company micromanages or not. Think of what your managing style is and find a way to convey that to your candidates when they ask.Where do you see this company in five years?Is this company going to advance and grow? Or is it going to remain stagnant and steady as it has for the past ten years. Neither is better than the other, but candidates will want to know what to expect.How does your company view overtime? Is it expected?Dont assume that because they are asking this question they are lazy or dont want to work overtime. Candidates just like to know what is expected of them, and rightfully so.How would you define success for this particular position?This is a great question and actually one of my favorites. You should definitely know how to answer this question if a candidate asks it.How will I be evaluated and how o ften?How does this position support you or the person above it?These are all great questions, and if you arent ready to answer them then you may be losing a great candidate. Think about these questions for your next interview and be ready to tackle them when they are presented to you. Answering them confidently and reassuringly will definitely keep the top candidates interested in your position and company.What are some questions that candidates have asked you in the past that surprised or stumped you? Share in the comments or tweet me nicole_sparkIMAGE Courtesy of Compare Business Products

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