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8% no retirement plans, 61% dont know how much theyll need

8% no retirement plans, 61% dont know how much theyll need8% no retirement plans, 61% dont know how much theyll needWhile research has found that 21% of American adults have nothing saved for retirement, new findings show that the Golden Years arent in the cards for everyone, and many arent even sure how much theyll need to get there.A new survey from Bankrate showed that 61% of Americans dont know how much money theyll need for retirement, while 8% of Americans dont plan to retire at all.How much cash Americans think theyll need for retirementThe research shows that a large majority people have no idea$250,000 or less 8%$250,000- $1 million 15%More than $1 million 8%Dont know 61%Never plan to retire 8%Bankrate noted that because of rounding, the total isnt 100%, and that less than 1% refused to answer the question.How people learn about retirementAlmost half of the respondents seemingly get their retirement advice from unusual placesPersonal financial adviser 26%Family member or fri end 21%Online retirement calculator 11%Bank or financial institution 10%Expert commentary/article 8%Robo-adviser 1%None of these 46%Bankrate noted that participants could choose multiple options, and that 2% refused to answer.Saving for retirement The age breakdownBaby Boomers and members of the Silent Generation think theyll need the same amount of cash to retire. These are the median values they gaveMillennials $800,000Generation X $1 millionBaby Boomers $500,000Silent Generation $500,000How much people think Social Security will feststellung their retirementMost Americans think Social Security will be a help to themAll of retirement 6%Most of it 11%About half 20%A little 46%None 15%Wherever you stand on these data points, youll eventually have to decide whether or not you plan on retiring from the workforce and plan accordingly. Just dont make that decision too late.

Sunday, December 22, 2019

11 healthy ways to de-stress and unwind from a long work week

11 healthy ways to de-stress and unwind from a long work week11 healthy ways to de-stress and unwind from a long work weekIn order to be the best you can be at work (and at home), you need to chill.Work is stressful and so is life.Are you taking enough time to let your mind and body unwind after a long day or an even longer work week?Wellmake it at least a little bit easier for you.Here are some quick, creative ways to rejuvenateyour body and soul especially when youre coming out of a long work week feeling really beat1 Nourish your body.Fast food is a good solution on thoseuber-busydays that dont have a window for food prep, but fueling your body with fresh, nutrient-rich ingredients is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Choose bright, colorful fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins. Even the preparation can be relaxing and satisfying.2 Give your muscles a break.Take a moment at work, at home, or even on your commute to relax your shoulders, let your belly out (quit sucking in did you even know you were doing that?), and drop your shoulders down. Imagine every muscle in your body turning to mush underneath you.3 Laugh.Laughter is the best medicine for stress. Whether you watch your favorite sitcom, read the funnies, or spend time with a friend who knows all the best jokes, make time for laughter every day.4 Create something.Draw a picture, write in a journal, decorate a room in your house, or take some photos outside. Releasing creative energy can be therapeutic and rejuvenating, especially when you have no specific agenda around except for being creative and letting you mind run free.5 Feel the wind on your face.Take a bike ride in the evening or an early morning jog. Listen to the leaves rustling in the trees, the sound of rubber on the pavementtake in the smells around you and feel the wind on your face.6 Make long-term goals and plans.Having control over your finances and never spending more than you earn and have available in cash is a great way to find peace of mind and unwind.7 Disconnect.Turn off electronics and put them away for a least an hour a day more if you can Disconnecting encourages you to spend time on whatreallymatters people, experiences, and well-being.8 Expand your horizons.Seek out opportunitiesto learn and experience new thingsin your free time. Take a ceramics class, go tent camping, enroll in a college course, or try sky-diving (if thats your thing). Find ways to expand your horizons and chase adventure during your time away from work.9 Do something kind.Volunteer at a local soup kitchen, domestic violence shelter, or animal rescue send a thoughtful card to someone you love or do a random act of kindness for a stranger.10 Snuggle a pet.And if you dont have one of your own, visit the pet store often. Hold the puppies, watch the republik guinea pigs, love up the kittens, and dream about taking one home.11 Put people first.Spend time with those you love the most. Give them your undivided a ttention. Enjoy their company and stay in it for as long as you can (Texting orDMing them on Instagramdoesnt count).If these measures dont make Monday morning a little more enjoyable, it might be time to really think hard aboutwhether youre in the right role a role that fits your interests and values and personal mission.If thats the case, perhaps its time to find something new.This article first appeared on Kununu.

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Army Commissioned Officer Career Path

Army Commissioned Officer Career PathArmy Commissioned Officer Career PathAs with any civilian job, Army officers must meet specified criteria in order to be eligible for the promotion. The Department of Defense calls for a given number of officers based on manpower needs and skill requirementsfor each category and grade. So what is the career path for an Army officer? Here are some of the criteria and requirements that need to be met to be considered for a promotion. Army Officer Candidate School This is a 12-week program for?enlisted soldiers, civilian college graduates and direct commission candidates (which include doctors and chaplains). Those who complete Officer Candidate School(OCS) become commissioned officers upon graduation and must serve at least three years on active duty following graduation. The Armys Officer Candidate School is located at Fort Benning in Georgia. Roughly 70 percent of enlisted candidates and 60 percent of those accepted overall successfully comple te Army OCS. Time in Grade and Time in Service Two of the biggest factors influencing officer promotions are the time in service (TIS) and time in grade (TIG). Time in service is the total time in which someone is in the Army. An officer must spend a given amount of time in each grade prior to advancement to the next and he or she typically cant skip grades. Time in grade refers to the number of months or years in which an officer serves in a given rank (lieutenant, major, general, etc.) The minimum TIG requirements for promotion to the next higher grade isshown in the table below. Promote toTime in ServiceTime in GradePromotion Opportunity (DODI)First lieutenant/O218 months18 monthsFully qualifiedCaptain/O34 years plus 1 year2 yearsBest qualified (90 percent)Major/O410 years +/- 1year3 yearsBest qualified (80 percent)Lieutenant Colonel/O516 years +/- 1 year3 yearsBest qualified (70 percent)Colonel/O622 years +/- 1 year3 yearsBest qualified (50 percent) Army Officer Categorie s Officers in the saatkorn competitive category will compete among themselves for promotions.Changes in authorizations, losses, and promotions to the next higher grade will create variations in both the TIS and TIG when these promotions may occur. The promotion timingsare expressed in terms of the years of Active Federal Commissioned Service at which promotion occurs. The promotion opportunity is the percentage of total selects over the eligible in-the-zone population. Different Types ofPromotion Opportunities There are three promotion opportunities in all branches of the U.S. militaryBelow-the-Zone, In-the-Zone, and Above-the-Zone. Below-the-Zone only applies for promotion to the rank of O-4 (Major)to O-6 (Colonel). One year before they would be eligible for In-the-Zone consideration, about 10 percent of those recommended can be promoted Below-the-Zone. Most promotions occur In-the-Zone. The selection rate for Above-the-Zone is only about 3 percent. Two other significant facto rs in officers promotions are fitness reports and the nature of their current and past assignments. A poor fitness report may mean being passed over for promotion. An officer whose previous assignments didnt have a significant degree of responsibility may also be passed over. Promotions to O-7 Brigadier General and Above For promotions beyond O-6,Army officers typically have to complete a full tour in a joint duty assignment with the Marines, Navy, Coast Guard or Air Force. GradeArmy OfficerO-7Brigadier GeneralO-8Major GeneralO-9Lieutenant GeneralO-10General And just like the other branches of the service, the mandatory retirement age for Army officers is 62 (which can be waived to 64 in some circumstances).

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Boost Your Job Search With Seasons Greetings

Boost Your Job Search With Seasons GreetingsBoost Your Job Search With Seasons GreetingsHow the right mix of seasons greetings and (humble) self-promotion will help you land new job leads.Ive said it before and Ill say it again The holidays are a great time to reconnect with your network. Whether its via email, an e-card or a traditional card, use your holiday greetings to benefit your job-search efforts. Here are five items to include in your holiday messages to keep your job search moving forward during the holiday season.(1) ContextIf youre sending a note to someone you havent spoken to in a while, jog their memory. Mention when you last communicated with one another or how you first met. Dont be afraid to personalize the message by bringing up little details you know about the person, such as a shared interest.(2) AppreciationThis is a great opportunity to thank each recipient for their betreuung over the past year. Whenever possible, be specific. Thank them for taking the time t o speak with you about a particular company, or for introducing you to someone who works for your target employer.(3) UpdatesUse this message to communicate any developments in your job search and reiterate your career goals. For example, you might mention which organizations youve been speaking with, or what professional development activities youre doing to keep your skills sharp. This is especially helpful to send to your professional references.(4) InterestIf youre reaching out to a recruiter or hiring manager whom you met in the past, reiterate your interest in working with their organization. This is especially useful if you made it to the final interview round but did not get the job. This way, if things dont work out with the other candidate, youve done something nice to keep your brand top of mind.(5) Call to actionSimilar to your cover letters, your message should contain what marketers refer to as a call to action. Dont leave the ball in their court. Close your message wi th a next step, such as an invitation to meet for coffee in the New Year. This will give you another reason to keep the communication going throughout January.On behalf of Ask Amanda and Ladders, Id like to wish you and your families the happiest of holidays and all the best in the New Year Seasons Greetings image courtesy of Paperless Post

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All About Salesperson Resume Template

All About Salesperson Resume schablone The Appeal of Salesperson Resume Template Then youll be in a place to coordinate with your goal with that of the typical funds to acquire which are ideal for you plus your targets. Make your points, outlining why you believe youre excellent for the sales associate role. My aim is to discover the job. Moreover, measurable goals permit you to understand if efforts ought to be adjusted to be mora effective. When you are in possession of a very good idea about what the automobile salesperson does every day the rest ought to be easy. To learn more about people who focus on sales of technical services and products, see the profile on sales engineers. Prior auto sales experience isnt required, but might be a plus. The salesperson should have great customer service skills and be in a position to rapidly develop decent relationship with customers so they could best meet the requirements of consumers and make their store the very first choice i n the minds of the general public. Your employer should have a very clear picture what you could do for them. Therefore it is necessary for your organization plan to analyse and calculate that risk, showing how youll engage with this. You will be able to likewise say you will be buying a different job for a consequence of moral facets. Demonstrating product knowledge helps foster the value of the item. Employers wish to observe how your efforts impact an organizations geschftliches miteinander. It may differ than you thought. To stand out, you are going to want to create your experience and skills shine. A salesperson should have a friendly disposition and outstanding communication skills to effectively assist the customer. Following that, you choose the best skills that commonly are required in your brand-new industry and you have to look for fits. Curriculum vitae abilities and abilities play a considerable parte in raising the standard of your resume. Utilizing wor k application builder may also be a superb learning experience to fit your needs. Including the right kind of information makes it possible to hone in on candidates who are a fantastic fit for the job. Utilize our cover letter sample to polish your abilities and receive the job that you want. A work application creator can be very beneficial for everybody whos feeling confused by the work application procedure. There are lots of plans to pick from and access Monster Studios, our video job description app. For more sales resume examples and contemporary sales resume templates, you may also have a look at our provided links that could steer you through the procedure. With regard to formatting, guarantee that it is in accord with the other facets of your resume. To start with, you can analyze the job posting that the business creating to identify what precisely is essential for the positioning. The Unexpected Truth About Salesperson Resume Template Although some real estate agen ts are self employed many others work for bigger companies where being in a position to demonstrate success is essential to getting the job. Resume builders are a really great techniques might help you organize your continue. Determine the company and career youre attempting to seek out work in. You should likewise be able to explain technical jargons in a transparent means to laymen. During the first couple of weeks at work, new sales representatives will devote much of their time to learning about the goods or services that the business offers. Sales reps are employed in a number of industries, which range from manufacturing to healthcare to food support. Companies will certainly take a look at your continue to acquire a summary of your education and work experience. In addition, make sure you talk about specific benefits that your business provides that others dont make available. The Upside to Salesperson Resume Template The typical full-time realtor can expect to pro duce upwards of $50,000 annually. Letting a possible employer know that you keep current with and are actively involved with the actual estate community is yet another indication of how serious youre about the actual estate market. Since youre responsible for your clients as a true estate professional, most jobs will require that you develop your own company leads. A true estate job will require that you have a passion for purchasing and selling homes. Employers that are reviewing sales resume arent just searching for any sort of sales representative or worker. At this time youve received national recognition for a work well done. Locating an excellent job gets easier when youve got an incredible resume. Studying the best method to write resume could be fairly an intimidating job. If youre a recent graduate or career changer free of experience in retail sales, youre want to compose a sales resume objective. The Retail Salesperson needs the capability to tell when something isnt right or is very likely to go wrong. Most retails sales jobs incorporate a selection of services. To locate sales or advertising and marketing jobs, you have to be aware of at least two languages.

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10 Questions a Job Seeker Will Ask You - Spark Hire

10 Questions a Job Seeker Will Ask You - Spark HireEven though you, as the employer or HR professional, are the one that sets the tone for a job interview it can still be a bit difficult. You want to place your company in good light so that the top candidates and top talent want to work for you. Without doing so, savvy and smart candidates will pass your job offers up without any thought. As the interviewer, you definitely have a series of questions that require great answers from your candidate. On the flip side though, if this is a talented candidate with high qualifications, then they will certainly have a series of questions for you as well. With the job market picking up a bit, job seekers have the comfort of being a tad bit more choosey when it comes to companies and job offers. Therefore, you should be fully prepared to answer any questions job seekers throw your way with confidence.Take a look at some of these great questions that top candidates will likely ask, and be ready with great answers of your own when they come up in an interview.What are things your organization has done recently to show it values its employees?Employees want to know how their work and their effort is going to be valued- especially these days. With increased emphasis on employee appreciation and incentives in the job market, you cant really blame them. A savvy candidate will know that they have the skills needed to get your job done and to excel in your position, so how are you going to show them that you value their skills and work if they do come on to work for you? Make sure you know how to answer this question if it pops up because it is important. Failure to give any answer at all will likely result in an uninterested candidate.What do you enjoy most about your work with this company?If you truly enjoy and love the company you work for, then you will be able to easily convey that to a job seeker. When you are interviewing a talented, qualified candidate they know they can get the job done and benefit your company. They want to know why it would be great for them to work for you and your company- tell themHow would you describe a typical week or day in this position?Obviously they want to know what they are going to be expected to do. You may bedrngnis be able to paint a solid picture of what every day or week is going to be like- thats unrealistic. However, you should be able to let them know certain things that will be ongoing or that will occur each week/day. Simply saying, Well, every day here isnt typical and theres no set schedule, yada, yada, yada just wont fly.Is there possibility of advancement in this role?Typical question. If this candidate has intentions of moving up in the ranks within your company and advancing their career, then they are going to want a straight-up answer. If youre not sure, be honest and let them know that. Luring a candidate in under false pretenses is wrong and they will likely leave when they realize the truth.What is the companys, or your, overall managing style?Usually when a candidate asks this, they know what they want and dont want. Typically they will want to know if your company micromanages or not. Think of what your managing style is and find a way to convey that to your candidates when they ask.Where do you see this company in five years?Is this company going to advance and grow? Or is it going to remain stagnant and steady as it has for the past ten years. Neither is better than the other, but candidates will want to know what to expect.How does your company view overtime? Is it expected?Dont assume that because they are asking this question they are lazy or dont want to work overtime. Candidates just like to know what is expected of them, and rightfully so.How would you define success for this particular position?This is a great question and actually one of my favorites. You should definitely know how to answer this question if a candidate asks it.How will I be evaluated and how o ften?How does this position support you or the person above it?These are all great questions, and if you arent ready to answer them then you may be losing a great candidate. Think about these questions for your next interview and be ready to tackle them when they are presented to you. Answering them confidently and reassuringly will definitely keep the top candidates interested in your position and company.What are some questions that candidates have asked you in the past that surprised or stumped you? Share in the comments or tweet me nicole_sparkIMAGE Courtesy of Compare Business Products